As we embark on the 2019/20 winter, we thought it appropriate time to provide an update on the Cricket Wales pathway as we look forward to the 2020 summer.

It has been a busy last 18 months since the pathway changed in its structure, on and off the field. In November 2018 Cricket Wales announced significant change to the player pathway, including the discontinuation of Wales Age Group Squads at U11 and U12 and the emergence of Regional Performance Centres to replace the traditional National Development Centres. The structure had been the culmination of an extensive collaboration and consultation process with key personnel within the ECB, Cricket Wales, Glamorgan County Cricket Club and Regional Cricket in addition to practitioners within the field of youth and athletic development. The Cricket Wales professional staff delivered a series of pathway evenings to communicate the changes and we thank all those that attended to hear them. 

The game as we know never stands still, and whilst the changes will continue to embed themselves across the country they endeavour to make the player pathway an environment that cultivates and supports talent optimisation irrespective of geography.

It is essential that players and parents understand that whilst they are at a certain stage of the pathway now, it is constantly being scrutinised and reviewed. Transition between Regional Cricket, Regional Performance Centres and Wales Age Groups is expected at various ages and stages. It is important players continue to challenge for places at all time and recognise that talent development is a non-linear process. It is natural to have speed bumps along the way, as players skill, physicality and mentality evolves at varying rates and stages. Placement into a certain stage does not dictate where you will end up being.

Any New Changes for 2019/20?

Cricket Wales North  

Over the last 3 months Cricket Wales has continued to make changes where necessary which has seen the emergence of Cricket Wales North (CWN) - a structure that encompasses Eyri and North East regions in addition to the large Mid Wales that has been largely inactive in its pathway activity over recent years.

Cricket Wales continues to monitor and review the national pathway's changes and impacts and we warmly welcome any feedback or enquiries regarding it.

Winter Development Festivals 

Where the WDFs were invitational and inclusive to all RPC players last year, for 2019/20 they will be invitational only. The objective is still to keep these reasonably large but to be more focused and selective than in 2018/19. Dates of thefestivals can be obtained from Richard Almond -

*Notification of selection onto these days will generally be no later than 3 weeks prior to the day. No communication will indicate that your son/daughter has not been successful at obtaining an invitation. 

Cricket Wales Age Groups & Glamorgan CCC

Significantly compared to previous years, is that Glamorgan CCC will be responsible for the running, staffing and selection of the Wales Age Group teams. Cricket Wales will continue to manage and deliver the winter and summer RPC programme (and CWN), regional cricket provision and will work closely with Glamorgan as selection for age group teams narrows. After the January WDF (see above), Glamorgan will run the February & April editions. All queries regarding selection should therefore be directed to Richard Almond (Glamorgan CCC Head of Talent Development) in the first instance, and then the relevant age group coach when appropriate.

Western Storm - Women's Performance Cricket


Following on from four successful years in the Kia Super League, Western Storm has proudly become a household name across the South West. With existing strong links across the region, Western Storm has left an excellent legacy of programmes encouraging participation and support for women’s and girl’s cricket.

As we enter the post-Super League era, Western Storm will play a key part in delivering the ‘Transform Women & Girls Cricket’ section of the new ECB strategy, ‘Inspiring Generations’.

Western Storm proudly represents the South West & Wales region, working collaboratively with Cornwall, Devon, Gloucestershire, Cricket Wales, Somerset and Wiltshire to lead the way in driving forward both performance and recreational cricket.

Western Storm is the host of one of 8 regional centres that will, for the first time, enable a number of domestic cricketers the opportunity to train and play as a professional cricketer in what is a huge step forward in the evolution of the female game.

Within the new regional structure, a new Academy system will also be created to provide top quality support to high-potential players across the region providing an accessible and inclusive player pathway for females in the South West & Wales.

“It is a really exciting time to be a female cricketer within the South West and Wales. For the first time, a number of players will have the opportunity to earn a living playing cricket and be part of a top-quality performance environment with year-round support. The region has already achieved many brilliant things within the female game, but I’m really excited that now we will be able to provide the most talented players the support they deserve to help them fulfil their potential – through both the main Western Storm programme and the Western Storm Academy. Hopefully young girls will look up and see some brilliant role models in the Western Storm and Welsh Fire players and see that there are lots of opportunities for cricket to be a game for them”.

Lisa Pagett, Regional Director of Women’s Cricket, Western Storm

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