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There has been an extensive review of ECB Coach Education and a new ECB Coach Education Programme will be available from September 2013. The general structure of Coach Qualification and Development will remain similar to recent years, with certificated courses to suit all ages and abilities. An integral course programme for teachers is also planned for Autumn 2013 - details to be announced in the next few months. ECB Coaching Qualifications will still be governed by UKCC Certification.

In addition to these New ECB Course Opportunities, Cricket Wales is pleased to announce an increase in its own available Wales Coach Workshops for 2013/2014. As well as continuing to offer the Technically and Practically based 4 Workshops introduced in some Regions last Winter - we have devised a further 3 Workshops to add to our extensive Programme for this Winter Season:

  • Batting: Advanced Skills and Knowledge
  • Bowling: Advanced Skills and Knowledge
  • Captaincy and Tactical Awareness

These Workshops, exclusively available in Wales, are all 3 Hour Courses and will provide invaluable Technical, Tactical & Cricket Awareness information to all Qualified Coaches

The shift in ECB Course Direction and Content is driven by the desire to make coaching more "Player-Centred". One of the biggest changes is to offer two "entry-points" for coaches wishing to become a fully qualified coach - a coach can either attend the Certificate in Coaching Children Course or the Certificate in Coaching Young People and Adults Course - both courses carry the same level of Certification - but crucially allow a coach to be trained in disciplines more suited to working with players of a specific age range - therefore making a coach more aware of a players specific needs.

From September 2013, full Coach Qualification (allowing a qualified coach to work alone) will begin at "Certificate" level and will be underpinned by two shorter courses aimed broadly at training people to "support" fully qualified coaches - "Coach Support Worker" and "Cricket Activator".

All information and course dates regarding the above courses can be found in the new Cricket Wales Coach Education Brochure - available below:

For candidates wishing to attend the Cricket Activator, Coach Support Worker, Certificate in Coaching Children or Certificate in Coaching Young People & Adults courses - please click the link below to download the application form and follow the instructions on the form

For candidates wishing to attend the Wales Coach Workshops - please click the link below to download the application form and follow the instructions on the form:

From September 2014, it is anticipated that a series of ECB Coach Personal Development Workshops and Diploma Courses will allow the keen Coach to further develop their knowledge and skills and possibly Qualifications - these will appear on this Website in Autumn 2014


For more information regarding Cricket Wales Coach Education Course POLICIES AND PROCEDURES- please click on the links below:

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