Message from UK Coaching's Jake Wright who is the current Coaching Campaigns Officer (14/04/2020):

As we’re all working from home, our learning and development platform remains fully operational and is being updated regularly with great content and guidance to service the many coaches who have been directly affected by this virus. 

To this end, we have temporarily unlocked 10 of our most valuable subscriber resources, making them available to all registered on

These will remain freely available until 3 May.

The selection of tips, guidance, videos, webinars and expert opinions will give coaches the opportunity to take stock and reflect on their coaching practice. Please share with your coaches the following:


  1. The Power of Holistic Coaching: Why Coaches Should Develop the Whole Person
  2. Understanding Self: Creating a Coaching Philosophy 
  3. Understanding the Individual: The Key to Helping Your Participants Thrive
  4. Understanding Environment: Provide Your Participants With a Sense of Empowerment
  5. Understanding Coaching Practice: Reflective Practice Essentials
  6. Sports Psychology: Developing Mental Toughness
  7. Athletic Development & Physical Preparation: The Importance of Fundamental Movement Skills
  8. Health, Lifestyle & Wellbeing: Being a Mindful Coach
  9. Building Relationships: Why Mastering the Coach-Athlete Relationship is Important
  10. Skill Acquisition: How to Develop and Use Attention to Improve Performance


Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshops

Our traditional face-to-face safeguarding and protecting children workshop is now being delivered online – this move has been supported by the Child Protection in Sport Unit and bookings can now be made through our website. The course is also still worth three CPD points as accredited by CIMSPA  There’s a full statement should you require any more information.


Curious Coaches’ Club

Every Monday, we're hosting a Curious Coaches' Club for coaches to take part in engaging and insightful online coaching discussions. Attached are some infographics should you wish to share the opportunity across your social media channels.

How does it work?

The Club has three parts to it:

  1. Coaches can watch and listen to ‘A Conversation About…’ between expert coaches live on a Monday or catch up with the previous episode on-demand via
  1. Coaches who have listened to the Monday webinar or watched it ‘on-demand’ can then engage and take part in a more in-depth conversation about the topic on Wednesday or Thursday (the same week) via a smaller, informal community of practice hosted by one of our team. 
  1. Coaches can also continue the conversation via ConnectedCoaches – our free online community for coaches of all sports and activities.

More information on the Curious Coaches' Club, including bookings and upcoming sessions, can be found on our website


Keeping people active at home

We have produced three infographics to give insightful guidance to coaches, parents and households on how to create great coaching experiences to those around them, whilst at home. They are:

  • Coaching People Online: Tips for coaches on how to deliver sport and physical activity sessions remotely
  • Encouraging Our Children to be Active: Tips for parents on encouraging their children to be active
  • Coaching Yourself: Tips on how to create and sustain active habits - whether as individuals or as households


All the infographics can be read on the full story on our website.



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